RSI can create and install unique and custom landscapes for residential and commercial properties. Through personally assessing the current needs of the property, owner Steve Richter is able to recommend the best procedures for both your house and wallet. 

Richter’s Services Inc. specializes in:

  • Landscape Planning and Installation
  • Landscape Renovation and Weather Damage Replacement
  • Seasonal Color
  • Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


Landscape Planning and Installation

Today’s perceptive homeowners understand the significance of a beautiful flourishing property.

Landscaping not only provides a visually pleasing environment for homeowners – it’s also an investment that increases property value.  RSI specializes in collaborating with homeowners to find a landscape design that they can both enjoy and afford.


Landscape Renovation and Weather Damage Replacement

Homeowners who value their home’s exterior but don’t have time to manage its upkeep can rely on RSI to repair and revitalize an existing landscape. Weeds, overgrown or dead plants, drainage problems, etc. are simple renovations to service. Replacement landscaping can also be provided to weather damaged gardens because of storms, high winds, freezes, and too much (or not enough) rain.


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Create a unique and dynamic landscape all year long by using seasonal color in your flower beds.






Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low voltage lighting installations are customized for the benefit of the homeowner. Landscape lighting both accentuates a home’s exterior and promotes security at night with better visibility.