Lawn Maintenance

RSI specializes in lawn maintenance programs including lawn/bed maintenance programs and lawn treatments including organic soil amendments, aeration, and fertilization.


Lawn/Bed Maintenance Programs

RSI offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly landscape maintenance programs to meet homeowner needs. These services can include: weed treatment, pruning, shrub trimming, bed fertilization, mulch installation, seasonal color changes, and other services when needed for lawn upkeep.


Lawn Treatments


A healthy landscape requires the nutritional care of its lawns and flower beds. RSI helps maintain a thriving providing plant diet programs based on lawn needs. Our services include organic soil amendments, aeration, and fertilization.


Organic Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments strengthen, refresh and revitalize soil structure. Our organic soil amendments consist of a mixture of various decaying organic substances like leaf mold and compost that boost nutrient cycling. Through customizing a program to a lawn’s needs, soil amendments can enhance a soil’s anatomy and its ability to transport water, air, and nutrients to plants.



Lawn aeration is a standard and critical part in RSI’s annual fertilization programs.  Aeration is the practice of creating holes in the lawn by extracting a plug of soil or pushing a rod into it. This presents a wealth of benefits to your lawn’s root system by providing a passage for water, oxygen, nutrients, and fertilizer to enter the soil. In turn, soil compaction is reduced allowing for root system growth.


Organic Fertilization

Fertilization during the peak seasons of root growth in the fall and winter help ensure a healthy and prosperous lawn. Roots are the foundation for all plant life. In order to promote lawn top growth, underground root growth is essential. Fertilization in collaboration with our organic soul amendment creates a healthy, luscious, and strong lawn that can withstand stress during dry and hot summers. RSI’s organic fertilizer ensures that lawns receive natural and adequate nutrients necessary for good growth.