Tree Services


Periodic tree trimming adds years to tree life, promoting its health and vitality and benefiting you lawn for the following reasons:

  • SAFETY-  Removing dead or dying limbs and cutting back growth near power lines prevents hazards and reduces the potential for property damage.
  • GROWTH- Trimming allows room for healthier tree growth and also promotes lawn growth by allowing sunlight to penetrate through to the ground.
  • AESTHETIC- Shaping tree lines by trimming will make the landscape appear well-groomed and attractive. Clearing lower tree limbs provides optimal view lines of the property.


Tree removal is necessary when:

  • A dead tree is hazardous
  • Tree lifespan is reached
  • Tree planted near the house poses foundation disruption and damage
  • Tree planted in front of a window blocks view
  • Building a new structure at the current location of tree

If removal is the best answer, we offer full-service tree removal and clean up.  We safely remove trees with minimal or no damage to encompassing trees and landscaping.  With experienced and insured workers, Richter’s Services Inc. provides professional service that customers can trust.

Storm Damage Prevention

Major storms and hurricanes are inevitable, but precautions can be taken to minimize the likelihood of trees causing damage your property and family. Regular tree pruning can increase a property’s safety and value. By removing potentially dangerous branches, the tree’s structure is stronger and safer. As an experienced certified arborist, Steve Richter can assess and ensure that property damage is minimized. In addition, storm damage prevention can help avoid costly fees for storm damage clean-up.

Deep Root Health Feeding

[highlight]A healthy landscape consists of more than a healthy lawn. Deep root health feeding ensures that trees and shrubs are getting the nutrients needed. By pumping water through a hollow stake in ground, nutrients are injected directly in the root zone, breaking down compacted soil. This system of feeding also effectively bypasses weeds, encourages root growth, and reduces erosion and water runoff.

Cabling and Bracing

Trees with structural problems caused by high winds, stormy weather or neglect, need more assistance. Our cabling and bracing techniques can extend tree life by bringing it back to optimum health.